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A secure online electronic health records (eHR) system. Upload and share your health information.
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CloudVue is a customisable electronic health records (eHR) system. You and your healthcare providers will be able to can access your CloudVue eHR system online whenever you need and from wherever you are. 

Why do you need CloudVue?

CloudVue can incorporate all of your health records in one place.  Presently your records are stored on different private systems. Some of your records maybe with your GP, others with your pharmacy and also at the hospital. Although this information may be stored on a server, none of these systems are connected and they cannot share your records between one another unless you carry them around with you. CloudVue allows you to share your information with your nominated parties and they only see what you chose to upload.

How is CloudVue different from other eHR systems?

CloudVue can store videos, images, DICOM images (X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI etc), referrals and reports unlike other eHR systems and does this securely and effectively.  CloudVue allows you to create folders in regards to your different health concerns or conditions e.g: diabetes, dentistry, skin care etc an allows you to share these folders with your healthcare professionals.

How do I upload my information to CloudVue?

You can simply scan your reports, images etc and upload them yourself or if you have a DICOM CD, we can do this for you for a small fee.

Is CloudVue secure?

Yes, CloudVue is a very secure electronic health records (eHR) system.  We host your data in a world class data centre.  The CloudVue development company has been in the PACS and DICOM industry for over 20 years and supply secure imaging solutions to many major Hospitals, teaching Hospitals, private clinics and private & public radiology businesses.

Can I choose what I share with people?

Yes, by choosing CloudVue, you can upload only the information you wish to share with your healthcare professionals and you are able to delete items you have upload if you no-longer want them stored in the cloud.  You can select the documents you believe are relevant to show your chosen healthcare professionals.

Who is CloudVue suited to?

CloudVue is suited to anybody of any age whether you have an on-going illness or if you just want somewhere to store your old X-ray images etc, with CloudVue, you can keep all this information in the one spot.

If you are interested in CloudVue, please make contact with us, we are more than happy to assist you.

Purchase Order (PO) Form

Do not want to buy online or do not have access to Paypal and would prefer bank transfer (EFT)...simply complete our Purchase Order Form and we will send you an invoice for EFT payment. Click here to download our form.

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