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CSBET is's Toolbox & StudyBuilder for correcting, anonymising, and updating metadata within DICOM images.
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CSBET is a powerful DICOM Images tool used for
correcting, anonymising, and updating metadata
within a DICOM Images.

CSBET (Central Study Builder Exam Toolbox) for DICOM Images consists of two (2) parts: -

"ToolBox” corrects a DICOM Images that has had an accidental mixing of two(2) patients images into one (1) patients’ folder on a DICOM Modality.
"StudyBuilder" provides the tools to create, update and coerce DICOM Images image metadata. Study builder is capable of importing various image types into a DICOM Images.

The combination of Toolbox and studybuilder also provides the ability to import still images and movies into a DICOM Images.


In Ultrasonography it is common to have incorrect patient details embedded into data series of medical images.

This is disastrous for an enterprise PACS where 'Data Integrity' is critical. An unfortunate and common oversight in ultrasound scanning workflow occurs regularly when scanning is interrupted. Interruptions can sometimes lead to multiple patients being scanned on one patients’ registration DICOM Images. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, DICOM Images tools were developed to anonymise Ultrasound images in a DICOM Images.

Toolbox is capable of performing: -

  • pixel de-identification; and
  • DICOM header data anonymisation

in a DICOM Images.

DICOMSHOP.COM's leading development company has invested heavily in research and workflow analysis to assist in the development of CSBET. Because of their research we were able to create a product commonly referred to as the “DICOM fixer”. The end result of their research and development was a tool which increases the accuracy of patient information within medical imaging systems and maintains data integrity in a PACS and DICOM Images.


Study builder allows medical practioners to create new imaging studies from a host of medical images with images from many origins and file types.

The user is presented with a process where they can create new DICOM Images or update existing DICOM tag metadata from numerous DICOM Images /s.

Original images can be from multiple patients, moalities and scan types and will be brought together in a newly created and de-identified DICOM Images. This study can then be presented as a research example DICOM Images or be used as a teaching tool for a younger generation of medical practitioners.

Some of the major features of CSBET are: -

                • Repair DICOM Images exams with mixed images or corrupted files, e.g Ultrasound;
                • Provides “Masking” placards to hide patient demographics on medical images;
                • Added ability to import video into the a DICOM Images or PACS;
                • Added ability to import jpeg files and store as DICOM Images;
                • Added ability to consume a DICOM Images from disk, CDROM, DVD, flash drives, etc;
                • Added ability to open studies from all medical imaging modalities;
                • Toolbox generates a new DICOM Images, Series and SOP instance UIDs for demerging/merging studies.

What do the different packages means?

  • Local Output – Saves the modified DICOM Images images to a local directory.
  • Dicom Storage PUSH – transfer modified DICOM Images images using the Dicom standard.

What is included in both packages?

Standard installation by our trained engineers
Detailed user manuals

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